God Loves Beautiful Art – Written, Painted, Sung, Built, Forged

Seventh of Ten Reasons I Wrote, “Someone They Can Trust”

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God is obviously a good designer, as the varied gorgeousness of Earth testifies.

BAL183671 Allegory of the Creation of the Cosmos (oil on canvas);Wijnen, Domenicus van (Ascanius) (1661-c.90) (after);oil on canvas;600 X 482;Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia;Out of copyright

I’m assuming God also likes good art to be part of worship gatherings, since his instructions to the Hebrews for building their first temple were specific to the last detail and He had master artisans in mind to do the work (Exodus 35 to 40.)

In my latest manuscript, “Someone They Can Trust”, one of the main characters is an artist, and her love for God is both inspired by beauty, and returned with skillful, beautiful painting.

Another character is a worship minister who uses the arts to the best of his ability in planning powerful worship experiences. He also uses the arts as a way of reaching out to the community with invitations to a fabulous gathering, based on something I saw Charlie and Ruth Jones do in Greensboro, N.C. a few years ago.

Every month they opened their downtown home to 20 to 30 people for a wonderful meal, followed by an open stage for local artists.. I had never seen a more diverse group of people enjoying themselves together more.

My theater company, “Friends of the Groom” joined them, performed some sketches, and were delighted and renewed by the great food, spoken word and music.

Good art and hospitality are a powerful combination. I wanted to show how they build strong community. That’s why I wrote this book.


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One thought on “God Loves Beautiful Art – Written, Painted, Sung, Built, Forged

  1. Oh yes, I can see that happening, Colleen, as book clubs delve into your characters, the relationships between them, and the issues you raise. The fact you include an art gathering as described above may inspire more such gatherings across the country. Art, song, dance, poetry, etc. do have the power to draw together people from different walks of life.

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