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Colleen is a freelance writer of non-fiction, fiction and drama. Learn more about her books at the tabs at the top of this page. She has worked for churches and other Christian organizations, non-profits, schools, magazines and newspapers. She also edits,  ghostwrites and proofreads. If you’re interested in freelance writing services:

Contact Colleen at

Performances, Workshops and Retreats:

Colleen performs, conducts theater workshops and offers made-to-order retreats with Friends of the Groom Theater Company. 

Reach the office administrator, Jocelyn Sluka, at 

Speaking for Conferences, Book Clubs, Churches, Libraries…..

Colleen is available as a speaker on the following topics:

  • Why I Wrote, “Someone You Can Trust”
  • Why I Wrote, “Christmas on Pleasant Hill”
  • Why I Wrote, “Drug Free Actors”
  • How to Get Started as a Writer
  • How to Get Started as a Christian Writer
  • 10 Ways to Draw Closer to God
  • 10 Things I’m Glad We Did for Our Kids
  • 10 Ways to Manage Depression

To book Colleen as a speaker, email her at

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  1. Colleen, Love that you are blogging and sharing really good, Christ centered content. Have you thought of building a list to send out your blog every week? It’s easy with an autoresponder such as icontact. There is a small yearly cost to it. You could create an opt in box on your site so that people who like it, like me, could opt in to receive it in their email inbox. Posting it on Facebook is also a good was to build a list, because that is where I saw it and went to your blog, now I want to read more. Maybe you’ve already thought of this and decided against, but if not I’d be glad to share my small bit of knowledge about it with you. I have a blog on my website, with an opt in box. The opt in gives people a free report right away, and adds them to my list. If you’d like to see you can check in out on my site

    Keep this up. Love what you’re sharing.


    1. Jan, Thanks so much for reading! If I’m understanding your suggestion, it’s actually already built into Word Press. When you go to my blog, there’s a blue Follow button on the right side. Click that, and there’s a box to enter your email. Then you get an email whenever I post. I’m aiming to post about once a week, and I’d love it if you’d follow me. Thanks again.

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