In Colleen’s perfect world, this novel would be made into a movie by Wes Anderson. Wes is unlikely to have yet read the book, however, since Colleen has not widely marketed it. It is so much more fun to write than to market. So “Drug Free Actors” languishes at, a quirky, soulful wallflower waiting to be discovered.

Book Cover

Art Therapist, Holly Risch, did read the book. She even skipped an episode of “Glee” to keep reading:

“I loved the honesty. I loved how you worked out the process of messy, sludgy redemption that doesn’t fit into formulas or boxes. That walking with God is a journey of doubts and stumbles and falls and finding yourself, often ‘knee deep in a pigpen’ …I can think of a dozen clients right now who would benefit from reading this.”

Introduction to “Drug Free Actors”:

When Cara Seymour starts working for a quirky youth agency doing drug education shows in schools, her well-reasoned Christian faith takes a hit. Nothing in her sheltered background prepared her for the bizarre behavior of her colleagues, the abuse she sees, or the intensity of her attraction to a passionately un-believing co-worker. She also had no idea that dabbling in social work would force her to deal with her own buried issues. A story of spiritual longing, unmanageable crushes, and the kind of dysfunction only possible in an underfunded agency full of people from crazy families.

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