On Stage

Sam Barshamus shot

Colleen has been a performer with “Friends of the Groom” theater company for more years than she is willing to admit. Every year has been a blast. Performing funny, clever, intelligent, theologically-sound material with really good actors who are also dear friends, is about as good as it gets.


An Introduction to “Friends of the Groom”

Since 1980 the group has performed original plays, led retreat weekends, and conducted workshops at thousands of locations from Anchorage to Athens, Boston to Beijing, and Jacksonville to Jerusalem. Their material is flexible. They perform at worship services, conferences, youth events, colleges, schools, artists’ series, evening programs, education hours. Their scenes and plays range in length from five minutes to an hour and a half. In their congregational retreat weekends, they use drama, small group interaction, and worship activities to build Christian community and inspire individual faith. Their workshops are designed to give people practical tools for using drama and storytelling in the church and in Christian education.

For more information on performances, workshops and retreats, visit www.friendsofthegroom.org  

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