10 Reasons I Wrote “Someone They Can Trust”

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1. We Need to Fix What’s Broken:

It’s funny how something can be simmering in you and you don’t know it until you start writing. I didn’t know how angry I was about the sexually abusive behavior of some prominent Christian leaders until I began writing, “Someone They Can Trust.”

I think I was even more disappointed in the institutional leaders surrounding these people – those with more conscience who knew something was wrong and didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

“Someone They Can Trust” is by no means a wrenching, heartbreaking novel – most of its characters are endearing, witty and love God. However, it is a novel that pulls no punches about how much damage a broken pastor can do to a church, and the responsibility of other leaders to deal with it head-on. That’s why I wrote this book.

A Quick Overview of “Someone They Can Trust“:

When art school graduate Maya Devin moves to Pleasant Hill to care for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s, she’s warmly welcomed into its thriving, diverse church. Music minister, Matt Schuller, who is more than a little attracted by Maya’s faith, talent, and beauty, invites her to be a part of his creative arts ministry. Janice Williams, also on staff, befriends Maya too, supporting her as she learns to be a caregiver and inviting her to a neighborhood Bible study. Janice is healing from a wrenching divorce and draws strength from the integrity and spiritual power of the community. The church is a haven for all three until a new pastor puts their faith, hope, and love to a severe test. Not only is their happiness at stake – so is the survival of the church. Their courage to stand against evil will hinge on one thing – how willing they are to deal with their own brokenness.

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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Wrote “Someone They Can Trust”

  1. You’ve chosen a timely scenario for your novel, Colleen. Then again, it sounds as if the premise chose you, which means GOD chose you to write this book and instilled the passion you’ve invested in every character, every scene, every page. (Thank you again for the privilege of reading the manuscript!) I pray that God’s wisdom continue to guide you, Colleen, as you pursue this project!

  2. Thank you Nancy. I have you to thank for pointing out so many of the glitches that would have made this book a bumpier ride! Takes a village to raise a book!

  3. You are more than welcome, Colleen–it was a pleasure! (And there weren’t THAT many glitches!) You made me smile with that “village” comment. So true!

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