Many people are beautiful to look at, but some also create beauty wherever they go. That is what Carolyn Ison does. People have always been drawn to her lovely, calm demeanour, her snow-white looks and captivating eyes, her kindness and grace.

Her work has always involved an extension of that beauty. She is a painter, and her pictures have the same magnetic, soothing quality that she does. All the homes and gardens she has ever lived in are little oases.

I have beneffitted greatly from these qualities, because I am her daughter. There is not a domestic image in my memory that is not picturesque. There was never a holiday that did not have a delightfully set table. My home is filled with paintings that give me joy.

Love can only be given away after it has been breathed into us. I am so grateful to have been loved by this beautiful woman. Her care for people and cultivation of beauty was a gift she passed on to her daughters, and we are so much richer for it.

3 thoughts on “INSPIRING PEOPLE: Carolyn Ison

  1. I KNEW the lovely woman in the introductory photos was your mother–you look so much like her! She was indeed a talented artist, but I admire her all the more for the love with which she graced others her entire life. A beautiful tribute for a truly beautiful woman, Colleen!

  2. Wonderful words and photos! I will share with Mar. She really misses seeing her sister.

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