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cropped-geyser-lake-2.jpgI’ve always wanted to write a Christmas book, because I’ve never grown out of the magic of it, and because of the cosmic awesomeness of what it celebrates. I’ve also always wanted to write a book set in my neighborhood, because I love it for its beautiful architecture, its many green spaces, its brave history and the fact that it’s full of people I love. So I wrote a book of Christmas short stories set in my neighborhood, “Christmas on Pleasant Hill.” Pleasant Hill was the original name of College Hill, and makes for a pleasant title.

My church, College Hill Presbyterian,  (,) is also very dear to me, so I’m sharing half the profits from the book with our preschool, “3C’s Nursery School.”  ( 3Cs is a cooperative preschool that partners with parents to give kids a first experience of school that is loving, structured and fun. It had a marvelous civilizing effect on my three little boys and I’m grateful to have a chance to give back.

The book’s setting is real, but the stories are fictional. In them I tried to represent the diverse population of this neighborhood and consider the many ways their hearts might be warmed by God’s coming, and the love of their neighbors at Christmas. Available now from Amazon (

Check out the cover at my New Book tab.

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