We Have to Live with Alzheimer’s

Eighth Reason I Wrote, “Someone They Can Trust”

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Alzheimer’s Disease is a public health problem of staggering proportions, and a personal tragedy for a good chunk of our population. (Around six million people have it in the United States.)

Even if we weren’t dealing with mass shootings, a loneliness epidemic and a childcare crisis – the prevalence of Alzheimer’s is a loud call to band together and live more communally. Dementia can wreck a family. It’s that hard to deal with.

There’s a character in my novel, “Someone They Can Trust” who has Alzheimer’s, and the story shows how a loving community can make life livable for the victims of the disease and for their caregivers.

One of three protagonists in the book, Maya, is the main caregiver for her beloved Grandmother, who is found to have Alzheimer’s early in the story.

Another protagonist, Janice, lost her mother to the disease several years before, and is determined not to leave Maya to deal with her crisis alone.

The bond between these two women proves to be healing for both of them.

The story not only describes the grandmother’s descent from a devout and useful life; it’s a story about life going on and being full of graceful, sweet moments even in the midst of the disease. Those are what we can learn to create for each other. This is only one thread in the story arcs of three people, but I think it’s an important one. One in nine people over 65 now have this disease, so none of us is too far removed from it.

That’s why I wrote this book.

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