10 Reasons I Wrote, “Someone They Can Trust”:

5. I Love This Place – Sometimes

I have a love-hate relationship with my neighborhood, which is also the setting for my new novel. We moved here to be near downtown, be near our church, and be present in an urban neighborhood that was struggling. We figured that at the very least, we could help by paying city taxes and keeping up a pretty old house.

The neighborhood is multi-racial and has housing stock ranging from crumbling little apartments to premier mansions. I love its huge trees, surrounding woods, elegant architecture and the outstanding kindness of many of its residents. I hate the poverty, the garbage on the streets, the emptiness in the eyes of young people hanging out on corners.

The novel I just finished, “Someone They Can Trust” is set in this neighborhood, with characters attending a church there that is grappling with the brokenness of the community. It’s good to know that God shows up and does wonderful things even in tough places. That’s why I wrote this book.

7 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Wrote, “Someone They Can Trust”:

  1. Colleen, Im enjoying your “10 REASONS” posts. This one in particular: succinct description of your ambivalent feelings and poignant description of the neighborhood in so few words. Love it!

  2. Amen to “God shows up and does wonderful things even in tough places!” I’m thinking of an urban church my pastor husband was called to serve years ago. The church was in decline–most of the members were older folks who’d been there a long time. But God blessed! One by one he brought us young families, most of whom were moving into the neighborhood where houses weren’t so expensive. We thrilled to watch the church begin to thrive, not only with increasing membership but with spiritual rejuvenation, camaraderie, and joy. That’s what I felt while reading your book and coming to know your characters. Across the pages they grow in their love for God and for one another, experiencing joy in the process!

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